San Diego and Chicago Counseling for Couples and Individuals

Our Relationships with Ourselves and Others Naturally Evolve and Change Over Time.

Counseling provides the tools for those relationships to flourish.

Are you busy doing all the things you think will bring you a happy life yet find yourself…

Sue DeSanto, LCSW

When people have these feelings they often turn to alcohol, drugs, food, shopping or relationships to try to create feelings of happiness, contentment and joy. It can work for a short time however the key to moving forward is to understand the reasons we seek out these distractions.

We have a roadmap and tools to help you get in touch with aspects of yourself that you might not be able to access by just talking. We can help you release old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you.

When we strengthen the relationship with ourselves, the outer world becomes much more balanced and fulfilling. Through slowing down and reconnecting with our mind, body and spirit we can feel more confident to face life events with a more stable and hopeful core sense of self.


Walk and Talk Counseling

In addition to phone or video conferencing, we are excited to now offer Walk and Talk sessions for clients in the San Diego area.

Walk and Talk Counseling allows you to be out in nature getting movement and connecting with the outdoors. This often makes it easier to connect with ourselves and open our mind to other possibilities.

I have extensive experience and tools to share with those seeking therapy for:

Are you building rewarding relationships or merely transacting your way through life?